Macon-Bibb County will mark the start of one its efforts in its Blight Remediation Program by tearing down the two dilapidated houses at 3936 and 3948 Mercer Street near Napier Avenue on Monday at 1:00 p.m. Later this year, five more structures in the area will be torn down as part of the attack on blight: 4036 Napier Avenue, 3996 Napier Avenue, 3965 Grand Avenue, 3970 Grand Avenue, and 3980 Grand Avenue. The demolitions are being paid for with $160,000 in blight bond funds from District 9 and Commissioner Al Tillman

The first two demolitions on Monday will clear the way for a new combination fire station and sheriff’s precinct to be built at 4036 Napier Avenue that will be better serve and protect the safety of that area. It is being paid for with an estimated $2,250,000 in voter-approved Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) funds.

“We’ve been given a great opportunity to fight blight in our neighborhoods and improve public safety, thanks to the Blight Remediation Program, the SPLOST, and the cooperation of our Fire Chief and Sheriff,” says Commissioner Al Tillman. “This is another example of how consolidation is working for people: we’re identifying the needs of our neighborhoods and finding innovative ways to meet them.”

The new fire station will replace the Breezy Hill station on Forsyth Street, and the precinct will replace the one currently located at 600 Pio Nono Avenue. Once the buildings are torn down and Selby Construction, the contractor hired for this project, is given the notice to proceed, the station should take 330 days to build. Construction will be paid for with an estimated $2,250,000 in voter-approved Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) funds, and it’s being designed by BTBB, Inc.

“With the new location of our fire station, we’ll be able to improve our response times because our crews and trucks will be able to get in and out much quicker,” says Fire Chief Marvin Riggins. “We’ll also be able to have a facility that can better serve the community with meeting rooms.”

“I am excited to see this first step towards preparing the property for the new fire station and our new Third District office location,” says Sheriff David Davis. “The removal of blight from this property shows that an amazing transformation is beginning on this street. Everyone who will work out of this facility will enjoy seeing the progress of construction over the weeks to come.”

Last month, Macon-Bibb completed the second round of its Blight Remediation Program with the demolition of 19 structures. This round of demolitions were part of seven Blight Remediation Projects: Lynmore Estate Habitat Project (2 blighted structures); Lynmore Avenue SMART Project (7 blighted structures); Emily Street Blight Removal Project (2 blighted structures); West Bond Street Blight Removal Project (2 blighted structures); Kings Park Playground & Community Center Project (2 existing structures); Third Avenue Stabilization Project (2 blighted structures); and Culver Street Commons Project (2 blighted structures).

The first round of the Blight Remediation Program tore down 15 structures and was funded with $642,870 from District 1, 2, 4, and 5 funds. It included:

  • The demolition of 13 structures in and acquiring five vacant lots for the Lynmore Estates Habitat Project;
  • Acquiring one property and demolishing a structure for the Lynmore Avenue SMART Project; and
  • Demolishing an abandoned restroom structure for the Hillcrest Park Improvement Project.